Face Reading

Face Reading or Physiognomy includes reading and deciphering the meaning of a person’s facial expressions. It includes recognizing different facial features and then relating the same with corresponding personality traits.

This can include but are not limited to – the forehead type and size, the wrinkles, eyebrows and eye colors, the distance between the eyebrows and the eyes, shape of the mouth, lips, chin, the ears and face shape etc. A broad chin will depict something else as compared to a narrow chin. Similarly, closely set eyes have different meaning than widely set eyes.

These facial features not only betray your characteristics, weaknesses, character and other personality traits, but also your feelings and thoughts. The degree of your emotions are etched deeply on your face and so, it depicts your instant thoughts. An expert face reader can easily tell you all about yourself simply by observing your face.

Dr. Jeetendra Patel accurately screens your facial features and tells you about your background apart from giving other information. You can take his help to get a better understanding of your personality, traits and use them for enhancing your lifestyle.