Reiki Healing

Dear Divine Souls,

We try to bring a simple way of how to use Money Freedom Empowerment for yourself and for others.

First sit in a comfortable position in a relaxed way .

Invoke Reiki with AOG

Call on the Energies of Money Freedom Empowerment.

This energy is activated by intention. Go into a meditative state and say to yourself:

“I would like to receive the Money Freedom Empowerment Energies to release any negative energies about money that may be in or around me.”

Visualise it as A Green Ball of light.

You can also use your own simple affirmations

Eg:- I am free of all negative thoughts that is stopping my financial growth. I am making good progress as far as my financial issues are concerned. I am total and complete with my finance or money matters. I live in money /financial abundance.

In case to want to use this Energy for someone else :-

Procedure is same.
Invoke Reiki with AOG
Invite Money Freedom Empowerment.

Visualise the person, Take his name and name of place.

Put in affirmation for that person,

" I would like to send the Money Freedom Empowerment to release any negative energies about money that may be in and around...... (Name of person).

Even you can add following affirmations if you wish.

His/Her financial issues are solved. He/She has achieved the target of receiving the particular amount.

Visualise the Money Freedom Empowerment Reiki as a Green Ball of light, Request and put in your intention, affirmations, put in your intention in present tense.

Sit in this meditation for 15 to 20 minutes. Continue to send energies to your intentions to release any blockages or fears.

End the meditation session with AOG.

This Energy is used to removing all negativity or any thoughts of hindrance .

Continue with this meditations daily to come to a good positive state.


Before starting any session say following AOG prayer

" I thank myself.
I thank Reiki Energies.
I thank Grandmaster Dr. Mikao Usui.
I thank my gurus.
I thank God.
I thank Divine Father Mother, Holy Spirit Guardian Angels and Healing Angels.
I now Request Money Freedom Energies to please connect and bless me to receive the Energies. Amen "

After ending session say following AOG prayer to end session

" I thank Reiki Energies.
Grandmaster Dr. Mikao Usui.
Divine Father Mother, God n all Healing Angels and Guardian Angels.
Money Freedom Empowerment energy for helping me make this Healing session a Blessed one
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. "

Your positive thoughts will do lot of good for your own growth.

Blessings of Abundance.... Astrologer Dr jitendra patel ji